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30-03-2002 Restoration funds for Chechnya go missing. Jamestown Foundation
14-02-2002 Attorney Francis A. Boyle calls upon world governments to recognize the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria in order to prevent further Russian genocide against the Chechen People.
09-01-2002 Oumar Khanbiev, ministre de la Santé tchétchène, raconte sa lutte. Libération
06-05-2001 "Ignore the Chechens at your peril". A consideration of the necessity of Chechen independence. Washington Post. Extracts. Article.
11-04-2001 Russian minister says situation in Grozny is getting worse. AFP
08-12-2000 Oumar Khanbiev : portrait d'un médecin tchétchène. Le Monde
30-08-2000 Un portrait d'Akhmed Kadyrov. Libération