Suite aux attentats du 11 septembre...
After 11 September 2001...

01-02-2002 "I know concretely that no Chechen groups were sent to Afghanistan". Ilyas Akhmadov's message to the USA. The Washington Times
07-11-2001 Should we trade away human rights for backing Russia? - Jan Ruml, Czech Republic
14-10-2001 Parallel Propaganda: Putin and Sharon agree on "the danger of fundamentalist, extremist Islamic terror." The Washington Post

A number of influential American commentators and newspaper editorial boards questioned what they saw as the beginnings of an unwise and excessive embrace of the Putin regime by the Bush administration...

Three Russian journalists representing different points on the political spectrum published analyses of the situation in Chechnya suggesting that Russian policies toward the republic are deeply flawed...

The Jamestown Foundation's Chechnya Weekly.

07-10-2001 Our Friends are Killers, Crooks & Torturers. "First out of the memory goes Chechnya." - Robert Fisk, Independent.
04-10-2001 Why Chechnya is different. (Concerning Chechen "terrorism"). The Washington Post
27-09-2001 HRW writes an open letter to Gerhard Schröder warning against double standards - "...the September 11 attacks warrant justice. But the search for justice must make distinctions between the guilty and the innocent... "
27-09-2001 Changes in international attitudes toward Chechnya (three articles).
26-09-2001 U.S. Urges Chechen rebels to cut ties with terrorists. Two comments on Chechen "terrorism".
24-09-2001 FSB Claims Evidence of Chechen Involvement in US Terrorist Attacks.
21-09-2001 Crainte d'une "islamophobie" en Russie après le 11 septembre. AFP
15-09-2001 Russian media and the American tragedy. Media Watch.

Moscou voit dans les attentats américains une justification de sa politique (AFP).

12-09-2001 Sympathie de Tchétchènes pour les victimes du drame américain - Associated Press. Chechens sympathize with American terror victims.
12-09-2001 Akhmadov's message of condolence to the American people.
12-09-2001 Appeal of Russian human rights organizations concerning the consequences of the terrorists acts in the USA.