Le contexte historique

Historical background

13-03-2002 Documentary film accuses FSB of 1999 bombings. AP.
State Duma refuses to watch controversial video on Terror Bombings.
21-03-2002 : Unknown men attack legislators and activists with ties to Berezovski ... while his film "Assault on Russia" is shown outside Moscow. RFE/RL
31-01-2002 Berezovsky Says Kremlin Faked 'Terror Attacks' (the unsolved explosions that brought terror to Russia).
06-03-2002 : Berezovsky blames Moscow for blasts. BBC
28-11-2001 Primakov's striking revelations. "Maskhadov had warned the Russian government that Basaev would try to use force against Dagestan". ...So, why the war?
06-09-2001 A new book, "The FSB is Blowing Up Russia," examines the events in Ryazan on the night of September 22-23, 1999. Explosions in Russia galvanized support for the second Chechen war.
August 2001 The Caucasus and Central Asia ten years after the Soviet collapse. Eurasianet
Juillet 2001 Le pétrole au coeur du conflit. Moskovskié Novosti.
May 2001 The Chechens want OUT : A case for Chechen independence. Washington Post
October 2000

Roots of the Conflict (1): Divide and Rule. IWPR

October 2000 Roots of the Conflict (2): Building a Greater Russia. IWPR
2000 Cinq mythes sur la Tchétchénie. Tchelovetchnost
Mars 2000 Notes géographiques et historiques, intervention russe 1994-1998. Hachette.
23-02-1996 Remembering the 1944 Chechen Deportation
  Timelines of key events in Chechnya.