11-04-2002 The Duma rejects a proposal to investigate the 1999 bombings. The Moscow Times
09-04-2002 Ethnic minorities may face deportation. The UNHCR and MEMORIAL denounce persecutions of the Meskhetian Turks and other ethnic minorities in the Krasnodar region.
09-04-2002 Russian TV series "Spetsnaz" aims to incite ethnic hatred. Chechnya Weekly
06-04-2002 A last light is about to go out Russia. The squeeze on the free press is about to claim a noteworthy victim : Novaya Gazeta. Baltimore Sun
25-03-2002 Youth organisation leaders on trial . Glastnost Foundation
15-03-2002 "Not a simple mistake, but a crime". Ruslan Khasbulatov criticises the Chechen war. Novaya gazeta
17-02-2002 Russian youth avoid draft. (Russia is to get new law on conscientious objection.)
08-02-2002 Kremlin Supports Extremists. Glasnost Media
01-02-2002 Russian NGO's have problems. Glastnost Foundation.
27-01-2002 Radio Liberty put on notice. The Moscow Times
25-01-2002 Russian NGO's Appeal to PACE protesting the closing of TV-6.
11-01-2002 Russia's last independent TV station is closed down. CNN
15-11-2001 Les skinheads passent à tabac et tuent les "non-slaves". Rouskaya Mysl
04-09-2001 Russia's military is collapsing.
10-9-2001 : The Russian Committee of Soldiers' Mothers claim 30,000 soldiers are harassed and beaten each year.
25-08-2001 Ailing Russian army hunts deserters (or, the moral, ethical and technical degradation of the Russian armed forces). The Scotsman.
06-08-2001 Poll shows 69% of Russians want to end war in Chechnya. AFP
05-08-2001 The Military Prosecutor's Office has admitted dealing with 2,000 conscript deaths every year, the majority of which are suicides.
27-07-2001 Une majorité de Russes veulent la paix. Boris Kagarlitski, Novaïa Gazeta.
06-07-2001 Trapped in a Chechnya Dilemma. The Moscow Times
14-06-2001 Racism in Russia. Los Angeles Times
30-05-2001 The war is going badly for Russia, say Russian political analysts.
16-05-2001 Money for restoring Chechnya stuck in Moscow. The Moscow Times.

Nearly Half of Russians Oppose Policy in Chechnya. Interfax

02-04-2001 Russian Security Council Makes Policy on Chechnya. Gazeta.Ru
10-08-2000 Moscou en proie a l'hystérie antitchétchène. Libération
Mars 2000 "Une guerre électorale". Libération
08-01-2000 En Russie, l'aveu à tout prix. Libération
20-04-1999 Russian army's suicide toll 22.7% of all casualties. Itar-Tass